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Sasha's Mother
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Sasha's Mother is a secondary character seen at the end of the level Child, and one of the several survivors of the Hole Station massacre.


Sasza z matką (M33R)

Sasha's mother and her son in Metro 2033 Redux.

Sasha's mother's name is not described in the game what so ever; however, it is apparent that she is the mother of the child which Artyom rescues during the mission "Child". Once he takes Sasha to the entrance of the station she can heard complaining to the guards to let her pass so she can find her child. Once Artyom gets close enough Sasha will automatically be dropped and run toward her and start a short conversation. An unnamed guard will thank Artyom for the help he has done and then once Artyom comes close to her she will thank him and offer a reward.

Once Sasha is returned to her she will thank Artyom and offer him some cartridges as payment. The player can either accept or deny her offerings. Both choices will have different consequences, and rewards. Should the player take her money they will gain a few cartridges. Should they deny her offering then they will gain a moral point that will help to reach the alternate "enlightened" ending if they so wish to do so.

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