Roma dall'aereo
Roma - mappa metropolitana (schematica).svg
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  • Surface : roughly 840 square kilometers.
  • Metro : 51 stations.
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Rome (Italian: Roma) it is the capital and largest city of Italy. It has a population of 2 866 761, it is also one of the oldest cities of the world and the first megalopolis in Europe, founded by Romolo in 753 B.C.

In the Metro UniverseEdit

The metro of Rome is still used by the inhabitants of Rome, and most of it remains intact. But due to the situation on the ground most of the metro stations are not habitable, except for some like the EUR station or the station Aurelia. However, the state of the other stations is unknown. In the Catacomb of Callixtus, the Cardinal Albani and the rest of the Swiss Guard have taken refuge within the New Vatican, with the cooperation of the evil Family Moro, who have the power in the Commune.