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VDNKh Commonwealth

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Rizhskaya or Riga Station is a station in the novel Metro 2033, as well as the videogame. It is a major part of the VDNKh commonwealth, as it connects the alliance with the rest of the metro.


Riga station is a member of the new VDNKh alliance and is known to be a poorer rundown station, needing aid and protection. The station seems to have an overcrowding problem, which is seen by going down the area known as 'The Black Street'. Many of the residents live in very small houses, barely big enough for the owners. The floor is covered in mud, and a back entrance is not even guarded. Prostitution is known to occur as Nikki will attempt to seduce Artyom while he is in the area.

In the game the station is very small, although several areas are not accessible. A small bar that deals mostly in Shroom Vodka takes up the top floor of the station, but seems to be built up, rather than a raised section from the original station. Below there is a small vendor area, that sells a variety of weapons and equipment. There is a main office area, the equivalent of Alex's office in Exhibition. A man that has a very similar appearance to Alex can be seen in the office, but this would be impossible considering the main tunnel is blocked off, and they wouldn't risk going through the second tunnel. The access to second tunnel is sealed before Artyom and Bourbon leave the Riga station.


Notable ResidentsEdit

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