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MLL Reunion Ach
Value: Silver Trophy - 10Game points
Description: Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.
Metro Last Light Achievement/Trophy

Reunion is an achievement/trophy in Metro: Last Light which is awarded to the player for finding and returning the teddy bear to the child in Venice.

The player can start the 'quest' by walking down the side path between the currency exchange booth and weapon vendor. Down the pathway around the back of the houses, a crying child and his mother can be found. The child will explain that he lost his teddy bear by the shooting range. The shooting range where the bear can be found, is further back up the path, between where the vendors and children are. By participating in three rounds of rat target practice the final reward for the player will include the bear. The player must spend some military-grade rounds to play at the range, but will gain their expenses back upon success. Once the bear is in the player's inventory they can give it to the child. Players will be awarded the achievement/trophy and a moral point.

Reunion - Metro Last Light Achievement Guide01:58

Reunion - Metro Last Light Achievement Guide

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