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My escape from the Nazi prison could be entitled "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend". This friend's name is Pavel. he led a Red recon team wiped out by the Nazis. I never liked communists much but Pavel acted like a real hero.

— Level description

Reich is the fifth level of Metro: Last Light


Artyom and Pavel must escape a Reich rally in this level. The level is rather short and mostly on rails, the only real choice being how fast Artyom will move through the crowd during the rally. After Pavel blows their cover, he and Artyom must flee the station by running through a civilian quarter of the station until they reach a rail bike that they flee on.

Diary EntriesEdit

4. As soon as the mission starts it on a table at the base of the escalators.

Moral PointsEdit



  • Kill the surrendering Nazi at the end of the chase.


  • There are roughly half a dozen women on the crowd, including an elderly lady. They will not hail when everyone else does.
  • In the E3 demo, the Nazi soldiers would strike fighting poses in order to protect the Führer, but in the final game they all cover their heads in fear.
    • Also in the demo, Khan is the person who helps Artyom escape the Nazis. While in the final game, Pavel takes Khan's place.


MLL CleanEscape Ach Clean Escape Bronze Trophy - 10 Game points
Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once

Gallery Edit

E3 2011 vs Release Comparison Reich02:14

E3 2011 vs Release Comparison Reich

Reich - E3 2011 vs Final level

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