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The Red Tank is an armoured vehicle used by the Red Line in Metro Last Light to break the lines of entrenched enemies. It is the Red equivalent to the Reich Panzer.



A Red tank advancing on Frontline

 While the Red Line tank is referred to as a tank by Ranger and Reich soldiers, it is simply an armoured railcar with a turret affixed to the top. The tank is made out of a motorized flat-railbed with steam engine wheels. It has a revolving turret on the front and a DShK 12.7mm machinegun nest on the rear. The main gun attached to the turret fires rockets, unlike the Panzer which fire artillery shells, and has closeable metal doors to protect the crew whilst reloading. Only two of these tanks were known to exist in the Metro.

Metro: Last LightEdit

The Red's Tank is first seen during the Battle of D6 showing up after the Red Army's failed first wave of infantry. It enters D6 from the opposite platform to the Ranger's defensive line accompanied by light infantry. Artyom manages to immobilise the tank with a Preved by shooting off the wheels' coupling rod, then the wheels proper. It is finally destroyed with a shot to the main gun just before it is fired, igniting the ammunition, causing it to self-destruct.

A second tank was seen at the Frontline during a battle between the Reich and the Red Line. The Red Line used it as a final attempt to destroy the Reich's defensive line held Hans and the shocktroopers. Hans destroys the tank with the Medved after a number of shots, ending the Red Line's assault.

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