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Ranger Trainee
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A protagonist of the Faction Pack



So this is it. I've finally proven that I am worthy of becoming one of Polis Kshatriya. I am worthy of carrying out the mission of retrieving the artifacts which are essential to our efforts directed at preserving the knowledge and culture of the old world.

— Ranger Trainee

The Ranger Trainee is the faceless and nameless protagonist of the Faction Pack mission, Kshatriya.


Like all other characters of the Faction Pack, not much is known about this character. What can be inferred is that he is male and a Ranger-in-training from Polis. Evident from his dialogue, he is training to become a Kshatriya - a soldier of Polis - and the level he is featured in appears to be his initiation, hence he must be around 18 years old, as that is the age Polis citizens choose their life 'profession'.

The Trainee only speaks during the the level's loading paragraph, though he expresses some emotion and seems excited about his training - aside from this though, he never speaks. Although he has a different voice actor than the one who plays Artyom in Last Light, the two share the same damage and death voice clips.

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