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MLL Petr (Stalker)
Physical Information




Night Vision Goggles

Biographical Information


2034 (in Library)

Chronological and Political Information




Petr (Russian: Пётр) is one of the two other stalkers mentioned, and seen recently deceased, in the Metro: Last Light DLC mission, Kshatriya.


According to Su, Petr was one of the stalkers that roamed the Great Library prior to the Ranger Trainee. Petr reportedly used full advantage of a pair of night vision goggles to help him see in the depths of the library. Petr's remains can be found at the beginning of the last third of the library, pre-empting the underground archives that were seen in Metro 2033. Though little remains of Petr after an apparent encounter with a librarian, liana, or lurkers, his goggles are still fully in-tact and can be very useful for stealth-oriented players.

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