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Metro Star Metro Wiki has a video walkthrough for this level, Pavel (Campaign Level). See Pavel (Campaign Level)/Walkthrough.

The creature I met in the burnt-out remains of the Gardens looks like a Dark One...and it was able to enter my mind, dragging the innermost out of me...But it was also just a baby. and I am sure recognized me. And got scared. It also left me knocked out for sometime...Just enough for me to get captured...

— Level desciption

Pavel is the fourth level of Metro: Last Light.


Artyom escapes a Reich concentration camp along with a Red Line soldier named Pavel.

Diary entriesEdit

3. After climbing out of the pipe and gaining the throwing knives head opposite the body, the note is on the boxes.

Moral PointsEdit


  • Release the prisoners.


  • It is possible to retrieve Artyom's weapons that he picked in the Sparta level, but only during Ranger Difficulties. The weapons can be found after reaching the guard post, on the periodic table of elements on the wall. However, the guns are empty of all ammunition.
  • The man being executed with the shovel is later talked about in Facility by two Nazi workers; they complain that the deceased man would have been useful in helping the poor lighting in the farm, as he was an electrician.
  • If you have the appropriate DLC, you can attain an RPK-74 from a box behind the stairs in the area where you pull the lever to release the prisoners. This RPK is not in Metro Last Light Redux.
  • This level has to be completed without the guards being alerted, at least before you leave the prison area; mentioned by Pavel and some immates, the prison area will be engulfed with poison gas if the area is in full alert, killing everyone. This is the only non-DLC mission that require the stealth approach, all others can either be stealthy or noisy.
    • However, the guards do not have gas mask implying that they must sacrifice to prevent the escape prisoners taking it when they released the poison gas.
  • When crawling through the pipe, just before acquiring the throwing knives, one of the Nazis mentions that he got 200 MGRs for selling the Baby Dark One to a Hansa trader. His comrade demands a cut of the bullets, though an officer interrupts them before they can sort it out.
    • This is the first mention of the whereabouts of the Baby Dark One beyond the Reich. Bandits later in Venice mention the trader was from Oktyabrskaya.


MLL Freedom Ach Freedom! Bronze Trophy - 10 Game points
Free the prisoners

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