Metro 2033 icon v1 by kamizanon-d48tkwj

Value 20Game points
Description Kill 5 amoebae
Metro 2033 Achievement

Pathoanatomist is an achievement/trophy in Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Redux, awarded for killing 5 Giant Amoebae. Giant Amoebae must be killed by the player, and not by Miller or by exploding on their own. Giant Amoebae only appear in the lower levels of the D6 complex, on the way to the Biomass. The simplest way to kill them is by using the revolver as it is usually a one-hit kill.


  • Pathoanatomy is the study of the way disease changes body tissue and organs.
Value: Bronze Trophy - 10Game points
Description: Kill 5 amoebas
Metro 2033 Redux Achievement/Trophy


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