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'Oleg', or 'Olezhenka', is a resident of the Moscow metro, the young child of Anton and resident of Kievskaya. He is very inquisitive of everything that he comes across and he befriends Artyom almost immediately. Miller gives him several cartridges, similar to the ones Hunter gave to Artyom, and Oleg uses them as toy soldiers.

Kievskaya station was going through a terrible time, with many of its station residents disappearing, most notably the children. Oleg unfortunately becomes one of the children to disappear. Artyom and Oleg's father, Anton, go in search of Oleg and discover the Savage Cannibals of the Great Worm Cult, hidden in Park Pobedy.

After rescuing Oleg; Artyom, an injured Anton, Miller and some heavily equipped Stalkers enter Metro 2. The Biomass corners the group on top of a train car, and slowly hypnotizes each of the members. A stalker and Oleg, in a hypnotized state, jump into the creature and are killed instantly. As soon as Oleg dies, Anton fully awakens to find his child has succumbed to the monster.


  • While Oleg does not appear in the video game, he could be the inspiration for Sasha in the level Child.

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