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The standard Night Vision Goggles found in the Metro enhance the player's vision in darkness, allowing the player to see without using the flashlight. The night vision goggles are charged by the universal charger along with the flashlight.



NVG in Metro 2033

Night vision goggles are used for sneaking through areas or seeing traps when the player can't risk using the flashlight. When the goggles are on the player is much harder to detect than when they have the flashlight on. If the player uses the flashlight and the night vision together, they can extend the range of the NVGs and see better. This drains the battery faster, making the battery only last about 2 minutes from the original amount of about 3 minutes 20 seconds, but this makes it easier to see in very dark areas and is great when stealth isn't necessary. Like Artyom's watch, the 2033 version of NVG features a stealth meter at the top; red means the player is in well-lit area that easily detectable, yellow means the enemy will find you if they get close, green means you are hidden, but you will still can be seen if you are in close proximity with the enemy, finally "no light" means you are completely hidden, only noise can give your locations away. 

One should keep in mind the drawbacks to using the goggles however. When the goggles are on, well-lit areas become difficult to manage through. The goggles obscure Artyom's peripheral vision. If the player is swarmed in an area with nosalises or lurkers, it is a good idea to take them off and use the flashlight instead. Taking them off will allow the player to see any mutants or NPCs trying to flank them.

In Metro: Last Light, the NVGs return but with some slight differences; they reduce the wearer's maxiumum visual range to some extent as any targets the user may see will appear hazy and unclear. They can no longer be used in combination with a flashlight but appears to be equipped with an infrared spotlight (the infrared equivalent of a flashlight) which has the same effect as using the NVG and the flashlight at the same time but without the extra battery drain or revealing the user's location. The NVGs in Last Light no longer obscure the player's vision, has larger field of view, and the clearer vision means you can snipe with NVG equipped. Also, the wearing animation is removed, you will automatically equip the NVG right after pressing the N (default) key.


Metro 2033

  • Armory level (bundled with the stealth suit).
  • Behind Artyom after falling off of the rail cart in Front Line in a small red box protected by Communist soldiers, along with a few MGRs and a moral point.
  • On the communist side of Front Line. The destroyed tunnel in which the injured Communist soldiers are sleeping has a side door. A gas mask isn't required to explore the foggy side hall (as long as the player moves very quickly) but is recommended. Near the end is a small collection of ammo and the goggles.
  • After being rescued by Ulman and Pavel, directly behind Artyom through the door.
  • Can be looted from the Nazis in Black Station, or found near the supplies.
  • At Sparta, near the rifles and the ammo.
  • At the start of Dungeon in a small room directly in front of Artyom on a small crate with lots of ammo and health packs.

Metro: Last Light

  • Found in the second floor of the abandoned ranger outpost near start of the level Nightfall, be very careful for the traps inside that post.
  • If you miss the first pair of night vision goggles on the Nightfall level, you can find a pair of them on the level Contagion. The goggles can be found along with a Tihar on a table in the area where two Red soldiers are executing people.


  • The world model of the NVG and the one Artyom uses do not match.
  • These are most likely third or fourth generation night vision goggles, because the vision is quite clear, they are almost silent, and there isn't a loud whine created by them when turned on or in use. (Night vision goggles present in game show in shape some resemblance to real-world Russian military PNV-57e - 1st Generation night vision goggles.)
    • However, you still can hear the NVG activation sound from NPCs, if the enemy nearby put it on.
  • Miller, on several cases, will randomly acquire and lose his night vision throughout the game's story.
  • Ulman is easily identified because he is the only Ranger to wear his night vision during all missions.
  • Scopes are very hard to use with night vision, as the dirt on the scopes creates a bright green glare while looking through it. Use the red dot laser sight on the scope to help you.
  • In Metro: Last Light, combine a scope and NVG is much easier to use than their Metro 2033 counterparts.
  • It is possible to loot night vision goggles from dead enemies from the mission Frontline and onward.
  • The faint light projected from the Night Vision can be seen on the NVG users in the Polis entrance, but in most other cases, no light will be seen on the NVG.
  • In Last Light and Redux version, If combined NVG with IR scope, the effect of the IR scope is no longer apparent. But it's still possible to aim.
  • The infrared spotlight can prove to be a problem, though, since it lights walls up so that they're almost completely white, obscuring your vision. This is especially noticeable in the Redux games, where the brightness of the game has been improved substantially. Both Redux games have very few areas dark enough that using the goggles are necessary.


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