Metro last light icon by robertocrespo-d4790ss

MLL Mouse Ach
Value: Bronze Trophy - 10Game points
Description: Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.
Metro Last Light Achievement/Trophy

Mouse is an achievement/trophy in Metro: Last Light awarded for completing Echoes without being caught by the pack of watchmen. However, the achievement/trophy can be unlocked after you find the Duplet in a side passage, and are ambushed by a watchman. After leaving this area, follow Pavel up the stairs until he asks you to stop. A pack of watchmen will run across the landscape. As long as you keep still, they will not see you, you will gain moral points and unlock the achievement/trophy. However, if you move too much or attack them, Pavel will complain, you will lose moral points and the pack will attack. Below is a video guide if you are having trouble.

Mouse - Metro Last Light Achievement Guide01:08

Mouse - Metro Last Light Achievement Guide

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