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The Universe of Metro 2033 (Russian: Вселенная Метро 2033) is a long-running series of post-apocalyptic short stories, novellas and novels, spanning a variety of genres. The works are written by several different authors. Although most of the books are set in Russia, the project is international so some parts of the series are set in other countries and written by not only Russians. However, all publications from the series are supported by Dmitry Glukhovsky and advertised on the official Metro 2033 website.

Track MarksEdit

A group of survivors repair an aircraft and travel from Moscow to the St. Petersburg Metro to discover the fate of the citizens of St. Petersburg.

Dark TunnelsEdit

A young anarchist militant from the Voikovskaya station comes into confrontation with the system and has to take an odyssey through the Moscow Metro.


Just like the people of Moscow, a fraction of St. Petersburg's citizens have fled to the underground tunnels of their hometown's metro. Piter (named after a Russian slang word for St. Petersburg) tells the story of Ivan Merkulov, a twenty-six year old fighter and stalker who experiences many trials and adventures as he travels through places both in the subway system of Saint Petersburg, as well as those above on the surface of post-apocalyptic Earth.

The novel begins with the young protagonist about to get married. Unfortunately, the ceremony gets interrupted when the engine-generator that powers the necessities of life on Vasileostrovskaya (Ivan's home station) is stolen. Sozonov - friend and member of Merkulov's team of stalkers - believes that the residents of several nearby stations, who originate from Moscow, are responsible for the crime. A war, between those stations and an alliance that Vasileostrovskaya is part of, begins.

As is revealed later on in the story, things are much more complex than Ivan could have ever foreseen. It turns out that he is dragged into something much bigger than the local conflict between the two factions, and the lines between friend & foe become very blurry as he continues his task. Merkulov's mission takes him to various locations, through numerous dangers and oddities, as he travels through the metro and beyond.

The book itself is a bit different from Dmitry Glukhovsky's original works, giving the reader a look at what happened after the Catastrophe in another part of Russia, whilst maintaining the original ideas and atmosphere behind Metro 2033. It is one of the longer novels in the Universe series.

Towards the LightEdit

Just like Piter, this novel tells the story of a group of survivors from post-nuclear St. Petersburg. The main characters of the book are Taran (a veteran stalker) and Gleb (a twelve-year-old boy who is taken from his home station by Taran). The two join a team of stalkers, who have been tasked with discovering the source of the mysterious light seen on the surface; presumed to originate from Kronshtadt. Taran - the most experienced member of the group - serves as their guide, with Gleb as his assistant.

The book explores the ideas of hope, the truth behind the worshippers of the newly-formed, post-apocalyptic religion of Exodus and Gleb's personal quest to find paradise in world that has seen nuclear disaster. Although it is one of the shorter novels in the Universe series, Towards the Light is still considered to be a book of outstanding quality. Much like its brethren, it is different to Glukhovsky's Metro 2033 and Metro 2034, but upholds similar messages and atmosphere.

The book has a direct sequel titled Into the Darkness.

The Yield by ForceEdit

Forced Exit is "a dizzying adventure novel". In which the protagonists discovers the world east of Moscow. Uncovering a "jungle, new forms of life, gladiatorial shows, forbidden love, conspiracy, and, finally, the solution of one of the main secrets of Metro 2033.

Marble ParadiseEdit

Marble Paradise is an adventure novel which describes other parts and other aspects of the post-apocalyptic metro system.


A lone stalker, Sergei Malomalsky, must alone face against a new invincible threat which threatens the lives of everyone in the Moscow Metro.


Taking place far to the north of Moscow, this story outlines an adventurer who crosses irradiated tundras and secret submarine bases to get to the city of "Polar Dawn" in search of answers.

In the Interests of RevolutionEdit

In the Interest of Revolution outlines the story of Mr. Tomsky, a revolutionary who fights to change the face of Moscow's Red Line.

War of MolesEdit

Instead of post-nuclear Moscow, War of Moles features people of Kiev's stations. It is rather difficult to determine what War of Moles plot is about, however it is suggested that the fish-out-of-water tale contains "vigorous, sturdy, lightweight romance about Ukraine after the nuclear war".


The plot of Murancha is currently a mystery. However it is apparent that it is full of mystery and surprise.


Heavily oriented around being a romance and gripping adventure novel, Bezymyanka outlines the story of those living in the soviet bunkers of Stalingrad.

See the SunEdit

See the Sun is reportedly a beautiful, sad, and "unbanal love" story of survivors traversing and studying the mutated and hazardous wastes of Russia.

Below HellEdit

The plot of Below Hell remains a mystery, however the well-written story is reportedly genre-breaking and very unpredictable.

Ghost StationEdit

Ghost Station has a unique claim to fame as it is the first story of the series to be written by a woman, and features a female protagonist. Ghost Station returns to the Moscow Metro as "both romantic and terrible story of betrayal, fighting, soul-searching, and, of course, love".

Into the DarknessEdit


Direct sequel to Towards the Light and second instalment in Dyakov's trilogy, Into the Darkness features the same surviving protagonists from the previous story and takes place after the events of Towards the Light. As witnessed by the crew of the "Babel" offshore oil platform, inhabitants of the Moshchny Island perish in the fires of a nuclear explosion. Questions arise as to who and for what reasons would strike the peaceful society of the island, annihilating any hope of a brighter future for the few survivors of the Catastrophe.

Dwellers of the St. Petersburg metro are accused of committing this atrocity. The "Babel" oil rig crew send them an ultimatum: the individuals responsible for the bombing are to be found within a week, otherwise all tenants of the subway will face a fate similarly deadly to that of the Moshchny citizens. The investigation becomes Taran's responsibility, but the situation becomes even more complicated by the sudden disappearance of Gleb, his foster-son. Questions multiply, but the path to the truth is a difficult one for it lies in darkness - at the very bottom of the human soul.

The book has a continuation called Beyond the Horizon.


Corpsmen's story is also obscure and hardly elaborated upon, besides the fact that is oriented around the unexplored regions of the Moscow Metro. The story is, like many others, rated quite high.


Britain is written by a man in Britain, about the post-apocalyptic United Kingdom. From the Glasgow metro to crumbling castles, the hero, Ewan, travels to find the strange slavers who kidnapped his wife and children.

There is no mention of what may have happened to the Republic of Ireland, but presumably radiation was spread.

Ice CaptivityEdit

Oriented around the survivors who remained in a Baltic Naval Base, Ice Captivity tells the tale of apocalyptic Antarica's inhabitants and their quest to find a cure for a dying mankind.

The Siege of ParadiseEdit

The Siege of Paradise outlines the city of Polar Dawn again, and the battle the people have against the mutants that surround them, and themselves.

The Last RefugeEdit

The Last Refuge continues the story of Artyom, and holds within it many legends of the extended Metro Series.


Unburied takes place within the Moscow Metro. The protagonist, one Anatoly Tomsk, is an anarchistic romantic who wants to save humanity and change the world. However, it seems that he has to begin with himself.

The Roots of HeavenEdit


Set in post-apocalyptic Italy, the action of the story begins in the Catacombs of Callixtus, one of the Catacombs of Rome, where the remnants of Catholic authority are led by the Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, the last surviving member of the College of Cardinals. From this "New Vatican" an expedition sets off to find the Patriarch of Venice, who seems to be the only known candidate for the next papacy. According to rumours, he is imprisoned in the north of Italy and the path eventually leads to Venice. The priest entrusted with seeking out the Patriarch, an American man called John Daniels, is placed under the protection of seven soldiers of the Pontifical Swiss Guard.

The deadly surface of the planet makes his mission a perilous one. The way to Venice is blood-stained, full of pain and madness. The ambiguous behaviour of Father Daniels' escort makes him feel uncertain about the true objective of the expedition, whilst the horrors he experiences along the way make him doubt the point of the Church's mission. The dreadful scenes described in The Roots of Heaven belong to some of (if not the) most cruel and gruesome stories of the entire Metro Series. On this turbulent path, John Daniels begins to question his companions, his church, his faith and himself.

Noon VoidEdit

Noon Void takes place in Kharkov, Ukraine. The city, supposed to be the City of Hope, descended into chaos and all surviving stations began fighting against each other - under the surveillance of the mysterious Apostles. But one day the Apostles discovered a young boy, with a strange aura, named Gleb. A new fight begins, where all factions try to capture this boy. Nobody knows what makes Gleb so unique, but it will change the destiny of Kharkov's metro, the Hell on Earth...

Kingdom of RatsEdit

Kingdom of Rats was written by Anna Kalinkina, the Universe series' first woman author and collaborator. Kingdom of Rats itself is once again set in the Moscow Metro which is reportedly a "more interesting, brighter and more exciting" tale than most written by Kalinkina's male peers.


MRLs (presumably an abbreviation for Multiple Rocket Launchers) is a story that had long had much fan support. The exact message the Russian synopsis attempts to convey about the story, though in effect mentions that it's author was once a member of the secret service and delivers a one of a kind tale.

Legacy of the AncestorsEdit

Based in the secretive metro of Kaliningrad, the bunkers and bases created by the Nazis. Not much can be understood of the story's cryptic description, though if one thing is to be understood: some mysteries exist for a reason.

The Right to ForceEdit

This action packed novel once again pushes the boundaries of the universe and promises to be a "real man's novel" and an opener to a trilogy.

Wrong Side of the WorldEdit

This, apparently experimental, novel's greatest claim to fame is that it's author, Timothy Kalashnikov, doesn't exist. Apparently written by numerous authors, and following a score of characters this novel is said to incorporate all the best pieces of the expanded universe into one.


Rather than taking place in the subway systems of Moscow, this piece is set in the nearby snow-fields of the arctic. More of a thriller than an action, this novel boasts to instill primal fear in all that read it.


Apparently akin to a post-apocalyptic detective story, Witness poses the question: "What is a crime, in a world where human life falls to the bottom?".

Daughter of Heavenly SpiritEdit

A conclusion to a trilogy (other entries currently unknown) by Andrew Butorina. Featuring the latest adventures of characters familliar to the Metro Universe. This entry of the series lays claim to not taking place within any abandonded subway - but the dead tundra, where in the heroes must "fight for the life of plants". Featuring also, "Nadia", the wife of a previous protagonist and the titular Daughter of Heavenly Spirit.

Beyond the HorizonEdit


The St. Petersburg metro is plunged into yet another war - this time it is the vegan imperium, who try to conquer the independent stations. Meanwhile, Taran (an experienced stalker) finds a trace of the Alpheios project, which may be able to clear the surface of the planet of deadly radiation and give the survivors hope that they could one day leave their tunnels and shelters. The trail leads to the Far East, to Vladivostok . The vegan imperium's opponents would like to have Taran on their side due to his previous experience with the bloodthirsty faction, but he sees things differently.

Ready to burn bridges and leave the St. Petersburg metro by force, Taran sets out to seek hope for the world somewhere else, beyond the horizon. On his mission he is joined by his foster-children Gleb and Aurora, as well as his proven friends and companions Injun, Godless One, Migalych and Gennadiy. The journey takes them across Asia, making Beyond the Horizon one of the few books in the series to feature such a large trip and so many different locations in just one story.

Beyond the Horizon is the sequel to Into the Darkness, as well as the final instalment in the trilogy that started with Towards the Light.


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