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Several characters in the video game Metro Last Light are considered companions, as they temporarily travel through the Moscow Metro and Surface alongside Artyom during the events of Metro Last Light. Companions also feature in Metro 2033


Anna (ucięta)

Anna is the daughter of the Ranger commander Miller, and a Ranger sniper herself. She is partnered with Artyom to eliminate the surviving dark one and chastises Artyom over his rookie status. 

Levels Appearing in as a CompanionEdit


MLL Pavel Profile

Pavel is a Red Line Major and a companion of artyoms for the early part of the game. The pair escape a Nazi stalag and travel across the surface to the Theatre station. 

Levels Appearing in as a CompanionEdit


MLL Fedor

Fedor is a local fisherman from Venice station, he saves Artyom from a horse of Nosalises and the pair traverse the flooded tunnels where they are set upon by a group of shrimp mutants.

Levels Appearing in as a CompanionEdit


MLL khan

Khan is spiritual friend of Artyom that saved him during the events of Metro 2033. Khan urges artyom to search for the surviving Dark One to atone for his sins. The pair travel together in search of the River of Fate, which in turn will help locate the Dark one. 

Levels Appearing in as a CompanionEdit

Baby Dark OneEdit

Dark one MLL

The Baby Dark One, as its known, is a surviving mutant from the Botanical Gardens. Artyom and Anna are tasked with eliminating it, however Khan urges Artyom to help the Dark One to attone for his sins. Artyom and the Dark one travel together across the surface in hopes of reaching Polis in time for the peace summit.

Levels Appearing in as a CompanionEdit

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