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Fourth Reich

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Lubyanka, (Sokolnicheskaya Line) is a metro station underneath Lubyanka square. Lubyanka Square is in front of former KGB headquarters, which now serves as the headquarters of the FSB.


The building now holds the Lubyanka prison and one directorate of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB). In addition a museum of the KGB (now called Историко-демонстрационный зал ФСБ России) was opened to the public.

In the Metro Series, the station is used by the Red Line as a political prison and gulag to suppress those who oppose their rule, also people suspected of defiance are sent there. As Andrew the Blacksmith in Armory Station explains:

"He could get sent to Lubyanka, and that's a one-way ticket".

Metro 2035 Edit

During the events of the novel, the prisoners of Lubyanka are released and forced to rush the Reich lines at Schiller Station. They must run down a dark tunnel without weapons, and much like during World War 2 their officers would shoot any person who slowed down or tried to turn around.