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Lenin's Mausoleum
Lenin's body
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One crumbling building in Red Square.

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Lenin's Mausoleum

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Lenin's Mausoleum

The Main Entrance

Lenin's Mausoleum (Мавзолей Ленина in Russian) is a surviving monument from before the war. It can be visited in Metro: Last Light.


Lenin's Mausoleum is situated in Red Square in the center of Moscow, and, in the real world, currently houses the preserved remains of Vladimir Lenin. His body once embalmed by pathologist, Alexei Ivanovich Abrikosov, has been on public display there since shortly after his death in 1924 (with rare exceptions in wartime). In the Metro Series, the building is in a rather awful state. Of course this is not only because of the nuclear disaster, but due to 20 years lack of maintenance and the destroying forces of nature. Lenin's body itself is almost totally decomposed and in the game it is replaced by a common skeleton.

Finding the mausoleum is an optional route the player can take in the level: Red Square. After descending from a trench in the surface the player comes across a crumbling rubble hole directly pre-empting the confrontation with the Reds. A single lurker can be seen running into a hatch few meters left to the player. To find the mausoleum, the player must enter this narrow corridor. At the end of it there is a room with a red door and a few cobwebs in it. Upon climbing the nearby stairs and turning left, one can find a dead end with a filter and some ammo, though to the right is the resting place of Lenin. In Lenin's burial chamber is a diary entry, small cache of ammunition, a filter, and a VSV with a silencer, infrared sight, and laser sight.


  • The body of Lenin might not render, with only a skull with a hat can be found in the sarcophagus.