When initially meeting Kuzmich​Edit

"Hello, Stalker. We'll be working together from now on."
"Well, it goes like this - we're running a small operation here, just a team of five, including you and me."
"My name's Kuzmich, I'm in charge of hardware here - the guns, the gear... I'll be providing you with all the toys."
"Shaman - see that suited-up guy? Well, he's our expert, he's gonna check out the stuff you bring from up there and cough up the ammo."
"Then, there also are the twins, but you'll meet them in due course..."
"Well, let's move to the good stuff... You can buy all the weapons , gear and filters you need from me. What, you expected me to run a charity here? Tough luck, partner!"
"So, come on, grab your gear! The filters. The mask. The medkit. And the guns."
"Oh, by the way - when you take a beast down, try looking inside. You know how many guys they eat whole, with all their stuff? The bastards..."
"Well, with it - or on it, stalker! Good luck!"

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