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Kuzmich (Russian: Кузмич) is the quartermaster of the Polis Kshatriya team in the Metro: Last Light DLC, Kshatriya level. He provides his Stalkers with the necessary equipment with which to survive the surface.


Kuzmich can be recognized in the base with his signature knit cap and Ranger coat. He serves as both a weapon vendor and exchange kiosk, providing the Ranger Trainee with ammunition, equipment, armor, and weapons if the Trainee has enough military grade rounds to purchase his wares. Kuzmich is depicted as an "all business" character, with little in the way of extraneous dialogue that might establish his personality further. Despite this however, Kuzmich is unique in that he has a pet Lurker pup that can always be seen nearby, and a prosthetic left leg, though but this doesn't stop him from walking unaided, albeit slowly.


  • In the Chronicles Pack level, Khan, one of Khan's companions is called Kuzmich, though it is unlikely that it is the same one, as the Chronicles Pack Kuzmich is attacked and most likely killed when a Nosalis jumps him. Even if he was not dead by then, he likely perished when Khan blocks off the exit.
  • It is possible that Kuzmich character is a reference to the Novel character Number Ten wich together with Artyom, Miller and Danila went to the surface and got his right leg crippled but its unknown if Ten's leg was finally amputated.


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