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It never ends, this stuff... You complete a mission and give the base a radio hail on your way back to let them know you're coming, they send you on another milk run. Sometimes I wish radio was never invented... Anyway, this time it seems like fun - I've got to stop a Hansa train captured by the Reds. It's been quite some time since I had stuff to blow up, so never mind if I do!

— 'Khan' Level Description

Khan is the second level in Metro: Last Light's DLC, the Chronicles Pack. The player plays as Ulman, assisting Khan in first stopping a Hansa train occupied by the Red Line, (the same one found in The Chase level) and then fighting Nosalises inside an abandoned Metro station - Polyanka - the same one seen in the Mobius trailer. During a dream sequence in Polyanka, Uhlman temporarily relives the attack on Polyanka by Nosalises, through Khan's eyes (the player plays as a young Khan), in which Khan was forced to close the gate to Polyanka, dooming his friends there.


Metro Last Light - Chronicles Pack DLC (Khan)-025:05

Metro Last Light - Chronicles Pack DLC (Khan)-0


MLL NoWayOut Ach No Way Out Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Complete the KHAN level.

MLL Hunting Ach Hunting Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill 20 Nosalises.


  • Khan being seemingly the only survivor of Polyanka might be a reference to the ghost barricade from the previous game.
  • This level reveals why the Red Line hijacked Hanza train blew up when Artyom was trying to find the Baby Dark One.  It was Uhlman's attempt to stop the train, which we find out that he was eager and enthusiastic to carry out.

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