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The "Invisible Watchers", or the Invisible or Unseen Observers as they are called in the novel, is a group of legendary god-like creatures in the Metro.


The Invisible Watchers are a legend among the Metro inhabitants. The legend says that they roam Metro-2, observing and directing the Metro inhabitants' every move. A Nazi soldier can be heard talking about Metro-2 and the Invisible Watchers in the Black Station. Ulman also pulls a joke about them on Artyom and Miller while in D6.

The LegendEdit

During Ragnarok, the last battle of the gods, the Soviet Pantheon would take shelter in Metro-2 if the forces of evil should prevail. The Metro was made for the sheep (the metro inhabitants) and Metro-2 was made for the shepherds (the Invisible Watchers) and their dogs. At the very beginning, when the shepherd had not yet lost their power over the sheep, they ruled from there; but then their strength gave out and their sheep ran off. The Gates to Metro-2 was closed forever on a place that now covers the map with a blood-red scar. Those who lived in the Metro forget about Metro-2. But even though the gate to Metro-2 was closed it certainly did not stop existing. On the contrary it is all around us. Its tunnels wind with our own. Their stations behind the walls of our stations. The two Metros are inseparable. And those who believe the shepherds could not abandon their herd, say that they are present, directing our every move. And that is the legend about the Invisible Watchers.

The Truth

The Invisible Watchers are remnants of the pre-war government, or Central Metro Command, having escaped to Metro-2 during World War III. They are the 'shepherds' ruling over the denziens of the Metro.

They are mentioned in Metro 2035 during the conversation between Artyom and Aleksei Feliksovich (aka "Bessolov") in Bessolov's bunker. In this conversation, the truth about the metro and its factions is revealed: the Red Line, Hansa, Polis, and the Reich are all puppets (or "dummies", as Besselov puts it) of Besselov and the Watchers, who control all of the factions from behind the scenes. Wars fought between the four factions are used as a manner of "controlled conflict", essentially, population control.

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