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Homo Homini Lupus Est
Value: Bronze trophy - 15Game points
Description: Kill 100 enemies with heavy weapons.
Metro Last Light Achievement/Trophy
 Homo Homini Lupus Est is an achievement/trophy in the Metro: Last Light DLC, Faction Pack, awarded for killing 100 enemies in one playthrough of the mission, Heavy Squad.

The description specifies 'with heavy weapons', but all three guns Hans uses: the Hellbreath; the Gatling; the Medved - count as kills. The tank itself does not count as a kill (though the soldiers on it do) and the enemies continually running up the right side of the bridge do not either; only soldiers in the central bridge count. It is advised to take out as many snipers as you can, and delay killing the Gatling-gunner to kill more snipers. Use the Gatling on everyone else. If done correctly, this should unlock during the final wave, before the tank.


  • 'Homo Homini Lupus Est', as translated from Latin means  'Man is a wolf to his fellow man', alluding to Hans' power and dangerousness.

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