Homer (Nikolai Ivanovich Nikolayev)
Homer Metro2034
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  • Automatic gun
  • Notebook and Ballpoint pen



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~ 40 years before the nuclear holocaust (circa 1973)

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I want to write down my story: from the end of the World to the end of my life.

— Homer

Homer (Russian: Гомер) is one of the main characters of the Metro 2034 and Metro 2035 novels. He was chosen by Hunter to accompany him, along with Ahmed, to solve a mystery of the lack of supplies that weakened Sevastopolskaya Station. In 2035, he meets and accompanies Artyom on his quest to contact survivors outside of Moscow.

Before the Nuclear HolocaustEdit

Before 2013, Homer worked as a Metro technician. He loved his job not only because of the pay, but he actually loved the work he did.

On the day of the bombing, Homer was promoted to a position of engine driver, but unfortunately he never managed to drive any of the trains before the bombs fell.

He had a wife and son, but unfortunately, they both perished in the nuclear blasts.

In the Metro SystemEdit

Homer re-married a few years after the event. The man is 60 years old, a self-proclaimed chronicler of the Metro System. From the beginning of his life under the surface Homer had been known for collecting all Newspaper's articles which he stashes in a special folder along with gossips and stories circling around the Metro system.

He desperately wants to write in the style of Homer, after whom he named himself, and write down an epic with which memory of him would be ethereal. At first he had a problem with choosing both the protagonist and his possible love interest. All in all, it was Hunter whom Homer chose as the role of protagonist - as the man seems to trigger a change in Homer. "The love interest" turned out to be Sasha.

By the events of Metro 2035 he is in the process of writing a historical book. He has been traveling around the metro system in search of Artyom, as he wishes to write the tale of the man who "saved" the remnants of humanity from the threat of the Dark Ones.


  • Homer's real name is Nikolai Ivanovich Nikolayev (Николай Иванович Николаев).
  • The first paragraph of his story is in reality the first paragraph of the book itself - which indicates that Metro 2034 was, oddly enough, written by Homer.


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