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Heavy Metal
Ach-Heavy Metal
Value 20Game points
Description Kill 15 enemies using a stationary machine gun
Metro 2033 Achievement

Heavy Metal is an achievement in Metro 2033, awarded for obtaining a kill count of 15 whilst using a Mounted Machinegun. The kills can either be obtained on human enemies or on mutants and has to be done in a single play-through of the story. 

Usable LocationsEdit

  • Cursed - Usable by the player and is an effective weapon for defending from the mutants.
  • Frontline - Several of them are found, all are usable but only one is advantageous.
  • Trolley Combat - Mounted on the rail car, as it is the only weapon in the level.


  • The achievement's name is referring to the stationary machinegun as it is the heaviest weapon in the game and that it fires the heaviest ammunition.
  • The name also refers to the music genre of the same name.
  • The achievement icon is a belt of 12.7x108mm rounds which is the type of ammunition that the stationary machinegun fires.
  • Vehicles will not count toward this achievement, including the Panzer, the crews in it count though.

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