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The Heads Up Display or HUD is the display on screen which tells the player information and stats relevant to the game. The Metro Video Game series has often been noted for being a game with very little HUD, which is intended to add to a sense of immersion and enguagement. While in Metro 2033 what HUD there is can only be accessed in real time, i.e.: there is no game-pausing inventory screen, Metro Last Light has a separate inventory screen that is always available to players, provided they play on the regular difficulties. For a description of the HUD, refer to the table and images below. Players should note that most of the HUD is removed on the Ranger difficulties in Metro 2033, and indeed, all of it in Metro Last Light making general management and certain levels a considerably harder task.

HUD DescriptionEdit

See the images for the corresponding number.

Metro 2033Edit

1. Inventory.

These rectangles represent inventory weapons. The item in detail is the weapon selected. Scrolling through this menu will select new weapons. If the player has selected the quick weapon switch option they do not have to click to change weapons. In Ranger difficulties this does not show up unless Artyom's journal is selected; on these difficulties, although weapon switching is still possible, it is significantly harder unless quick switching is used.

2. Ammunition

The box situated in bottom right corner of the screen tells how many bullets are left in the magazine, clip, or case. It is always a good idea to keep an eye on this to see when it might be time to change weapons, or reload. This feature is removed by Ranger difficulties, though reloading is obviously still mandatory.

3. Side Inventory

Shows the armor-set equipped onto Artyom, number of Medkits in the player's possession, and the number of filters. This box is more-or-less removed by Ranger difficulties, but it's contents can still be acquired.

4. Crosshair / Targeting Reticule

The crosshair indicates what the player is aiming for and where their shots will go. The crosshair is, by default, yellow, but will turn red if it falls upon an enemy. Whenever the crosshair changes in size it does so to reflect the current accuracy of the weapon, thus showing when guns are not likely to hit their target (for a good example of this, fire the Bastard in a long burst). Weapons with lower accuracy or higher spray will have a larger crosshair be default. Also note that when dynamite is thrown at Artyom a directional arrow in this area will point to where it is. The crosshair is removed by Ranger difficulties.

5. Side Area

In the area of 5, ammo will be shown on some occasions. This is often unused, and can only be accessed when the Lighter is equipped on Ranger difficulties.

6. Screen Sides

The screen sides are a general indicator of danger status. When they are vibrantly pulsing red it means the player has taken heavy damage. Likewise if the screen edge is only pulsing red slightly it means only moderate damage has been taken. Note that as heath regenerates, the pulsing and redness will fade. When equipped with a gas mask these areas will become fogged over with condensation, this is a sign of when the filter needs to be changed.

7. Artyom's Watch

2011-04-22 00002
Artyom's Watch acts as another sub-HUD which can tell much information, it can be accessed on its own. The LED lights on it identifies the intensity of the light Artyom is in and is a useful stealth tool. Green means the player is in a very dark location and enemies won't spot you easily unless you're extremely close to them. Yellow means caution should be taken, and red means Artyom is highly visible. If the light is off, Artyom is completely undetected. The colored sections on the actual watch identify how much time is left on Artyom's filter and how long before the next auto-switch. Also note the Universal Charger.

8. The Weapon

Unless on Ranger difficulties this is rarely used as it isn't technically part of the HUD, though some general information can be learned by just looking at the weapon and observing it. Mainly the amount of ammo left, voltage, or air pressure (Tihar, Helsing).

Metro Last LightEdit

All of the following is information unavailable to the players on the Ranger difficulties of Metro Last Light.

1. Inventory

From here the top portion of the sceen keeps a running tally of all the ammunition the player has. The in-game time will be slowed down while the player is checking inventories.

2. Weapons

Additionally available on the inventory screen is a visual collection of all the weapons in the player character's inventory. On the regular difficulties Artyom can hold up to three weapons of any type, though on the Ranger diffiulties, this is limited to two. Whenever the player changes weapons, by rotating, scrolling, or hot-key jumping through them, this icon will always appear above their gameplay ammo count.

3. Weapon Mods

Any instance in which Artyom's weapon is shown, weapon mods are additionally depicted. The weapon base is always drawn white, with weapon mods always being yellow-orange.

4. Equipment Stock

Mirroring the side inventory of the previous title, Last Light displays the current number of Medkits, amount of filter-time remaining, and avability of gas-mask. Armor, which is always a mandatory pickup in Metro Last Light, is not shown.

5. Secondary Weapon, Equipment Stock

Here shown from the PC Steam version of the game is the only ineractive area of the menu, the secondary weapon selection slot. From it, the player can select Artyom's next weapon to use with the specialized tertiary fire button. On the PC version of the game, the player need only hold down the inventory button and slide the mouse in the corresponding direction to select the next version. Players should keep in mind, that as the menu is not visible in the Ranger difficulties, they will have to select their next weapon by sound and memorized selection direction.

6. Crosshair / Targeting Reticule

Remaining largely unchanged in Metro Last Light, the targeting reticule has seen only one addition. Red lines, "hitmarkers" appear in the middle of the crosshairs whenever player fire makes contact. There are four levels of marker indicating levels of damage. Three red markers in the shape of a Y indicating low or grazing damage, four red markers in the shape of an X indicating medium or severe damage, five red markers in the shape of a star indicating high or critical damage. Additionally to the red lines may appear many yellow lines circling around the hitmarkers (not depicted, yellow shown is crosshair) - this denotes lessened bullet impact do to armor of the target.

7. Damage Marker

As an addition and counter to the reddening and fogging screen sides of Metro 2033, are Damage Markers, which denote the general direction and number of damaging hits Artyom is taking. Markers appear in a radial around the center of the screen, with lower down (as depicted) representing behind the player.

8. Weapon Ammunition

Remains largely unchanged from 2033. The left side magazine icon will change in the high of the bring portion in relation the number of shots in the current weapon. It is from slightly above here that new weapon icons will appear when changing weapons.

9. Artyom's Watch

Unlike Metro 2033's dive watch, Artyom's new watch reads digitally. The new watch digitally displays system clock time when a gas mask is not in use, and filter time when in use. Rather than using the three LED system for stealth, a new, single blue light is used to detail wither Artyom is in enough light to be seen or not.

10. Battery Full Icon

The Screen Side here draws the 'battery full' icon. If the player reaches to recharge their light, this icon, accompanied by a beep, will flash - preventing them from attempting to draw up the universal changer when it is unneeded.

11. Pickup / Switch Markers

These markers appear as a hand when Artyom is looking directly at an item he may obtain, and a pair of turning arrows when looking at an item that can be picked up to replace an item currently in the inventory. Additionally, to the side of these markers are icons of what the player is looking at. Be it ammunition, filters, or, as illustrated, a new Gas Mask.

12. Ammunition Stock

When new ammunition (note: not most types of equipment) is added to the current tally, the amount will refresh on the screen.

12. Item Intake

When obtaining new items, their icons and the amount obtained will be listed.

Difficulty DifferencesEdit

Metro 2033Edit

Metro Last LightEdit

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