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 Gunman has other uses. Please see Gunman (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

Gunman (Metro 2033)
Value 20Game points
Description Kill 50 enemies with the Heavy Automatic Shotgun
Metro 2033 Achievement

Gunman is an achievement in Metro 2033, awarded for obtaining a total of 50 kills with the Heavy Automatic Shotgun. It is only possible to obtain this achievement after the Ranger Pack DLC has been purchased. The player can obtain a Heavy Automatic Shotgun on the level Armory which is extremely helpful if the player decides to go head first into firefights in the next level Frontline where there are lots of enemies that can swarm the player after a general alarm has been raised. The other place where this can be obtained is once the player reaches the level Sparta, which proves more than useful against the hoards of mutants that the player will face in the level Tower. This achievement differs from the Metro 2033 Redux achievement/trophy, Gunman, awarded for kiling 100 enemies with any shotgun.

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