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General Characteristics

Real name:

Hand-Held Minigun


Heavy Automatic Weapon





  • High


  • Low

Rate of fire:

  • Low-High (Depending of the pumping-up)
  • Very high (With engine attachment)

The Gatling, a Hand-Held Minigun, is an extremely powerful automatic weapon that appears in Metro Last Light. It uses a spring mechanism that the player needs to wind up to fire the 12.7x108mm rounds. Because of the high value of 12.7x108mm rounds, firing full auto will be incredibly expensive and should be used only in extreme danger.


This weapon is first seen in the campaign when caught by Andrew the Blacksmith at the end of the Revolution level. However, it is only available to the player in the last few minutes of the game, where the Rangers make their final stand. Artyom can use this weapon to easily mow down the attacking Red Line troops with 500 rounds to use, likely the majority of the Ranger's stockpile as once the ammunition belt is used up, the gun cannot be reloaded and Artyom has to kill the remaining Reds with his other weapons. The weapon will lose accuracy if you fire fully automatically - a single bullet fired from the Gatling will do a lot of damage, so ensure sure you make them count; keep the barrels rotating at all times so you can fire quickly. It is unknown why the Rangers use a makeshift Gatling when a DShK 12.7mm Machinegun would fire the same cartridge and probably do the job just as well, if not better as it would have been made before the war.

The Rangers are not the only group to have a Gatling, as the Fourth Reich use one during their defense of the Frontline in the mission Heavy Squad. Their best shock trooper, Hans, uses this to great effect against invading Red Line troops. However, Hans' Gatling is slightly different to the Ranger's, namely the fact that the Reich Gatling has an engine, as opposed to the chain operated system in the Ranger's, meaning the barrels can be spun constantly, and a support stock to reduce recoil. This makes it a fearsome weapon to mow down the enemy with. It also can be reloaded with a box magazine containing 500 rounds in a disintegrating ammunition belt, showing that the Reich probably have more stockpiles of the 12.7x108mm available. One of the Reds Hans fights against carries a Gatling as well, though it is unknown what type/attachments he has. The Gatling has an insane vertical recoil and can easily make your gun climb up, a way to cope with this trait is to fire in no more than 3 seconds, aim at the ground in front of your target or aim at their feet or leg. So when recoil makes the gun climb, the bullets can find their mark, this can come in handy in medium ranges, where your foes will start shooting.

The Gatling appears in the last stage of The Tower Pack, where it is invaluable tool to fend of not only hordes of nosalises, but librarians as well. In general, if the player has access to this weapon, expect fighting a large horde of enemies at close to mid range.

The Gatling is also seen in the Developer Pack at the Shooting Gallery and AI Arena with all attachments available.


  • Five-barrel assembly - increases the weapon's rate of fire without additional wear
  • Gatling stabiliser - this makes the Gatling easier to control while spinning the barrels and firing
  • Gatling engine - replaces the spring-operated spin-up mechanism, so you can spin the barrel indefinitely
  • Gatling support - a stock (though it rest on the users stomach) used to reduce recoil

Related Achievements/TrophiesEdit

MLL Gunslinger Ach Gunslinger Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game.

MLL HomoHominiLupusEst Ach Homo Homini Lupus Est Bronze Trophy - 15 Game points
Kill 100 enemies with heavy weapons.


  • In real life, a Gatling, even a smaller one and especially a 12.7x108mm one, would be very difficult to use without the use of special equipment or mounted on vehicles. Should it be even feasible to use, it would be so unwieldy for someone such as Artyom or even Hans that targets would be difficult to hit. At the very least, both characters should have a sling to support the weapon, as they would be unable to raise the barrel for that long without.
    • Modern Gatling gun is powered by external power source in order for it to work; in game the Gatling uses a large coil spring wound up using a purposed ratchet strap. it can also be upgraded with a small petrol engine used to run the mechanism. However this engine appears to be too small to have enough torque to turn the barrels and run rest of the mechanism.
    • Ammunition is also a problem, 500 rounds of 12.7x108mm weights about 24 Kilograms, or about 53 pounds, so the ammo box linked to the weapon will be very difficult to carry, let alone fire accurately.
  • The only known East-block 12.7 mm Gatling gun similar to the in game Gatling is the YakB-12,7, which has four barrels instead of three or five. The Yak-B-12.7 is the primary armament of Mil Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. The Western counterpart is of the YakB-12.7 is the less popular GAU-19/A, which uses 3 or 6 rotaty barrels, fire a slightly shorter 12.7x99mm BMG, and it is the primary weapon of V-22 Osprey or OH-58D Kiowa helicopter.
  • Before Metro: Last Light was released, the Gatling could be seen outside of D6. It was shown to be found in a Reich outpost during Gameplay Trailer 1, and again in the full 12-minute gameplay video, along with a Helsing, while Artyom is battling a Rhino. It also seemed the Gatling needed to be charged as it shows Artyom using a handle which fills the gauge that can be colored green from yellow to red.
  • When left idle, Artyom will pull the handle back and forth.
  • Killing an enemy with Gatling causes large cloud of blood, even when the target is heavily armored; understandable given the large calibre round exiting their body.
  • One of the Reich soldiers in the Faction Pack's Heavy Squad mission refers to the Gatling as the "pepperbox", most likely referring it's multi-barrel design.
  • Despite using the same ammunition, the Gatling and Preved do not share ammo in the level D6.
    • In D6 level, Artyom cannot reload the Gatling, and there are no additional ammo for it.
  • It appears that the default Gatling uses a clockwork-spring mechanism to spin the barrels to full firing speed. With attachments, this can be changed:
    • In the Faction Pack, Hans' Gatling has a small engine to spin the barrels indefinitely (realistically until the fuel runs out, though it will not in game).
    • In the Tower Pack, the Captain must crank the handle at the breech in between firefights to maintain its astounding fire rates.
    • In the Developer Pack, both mechanisms are used, depending on the attachments selected.
  • In real life, a Gatling would not need the barrels to reach a certain momentum to fire. The second a barrel moves into the firing position, the barrel would fire - however, it has become a video game cliche for Gatlings and Miniguns to spool up before they fire, so it is possible this is why it is included.
  • Although the stock on the Gatling might seem trivial compared to its massive bulk, it actually has some practical use - the stock could be used as a counterweight to help balance the Gatling, and can also be braced to the side of the body to hold the weapon during firing.
  • Although a DShK might seem like a better choice for a machinegun, the Gatling does have some advantages: the Gatling can be used as a psychological weapon due to the number of barrels and high rate of fire, it has a higher rate of fire compared to a DShK, it does not overheat, and can sustain fire longer, and lastly the Gatling itself may possibly be lighter than a DShK.
  • Despite the fact that the ammobox is identical to the DShK, the Gatling has a capacity of 500 rounds, while DShK has 50.
  • There is a humorous glitch in the Developer Pack that removes all the barrels of the Gatling when you take off the five-barrel modification.