"Hail Reich!" - Ending of most of his public speeches

"Reich! Fortune has smiled upon us! Our scouts have located a real treasure trove - the legendary D6 bunker complex! Huge storage facilities filled with supplies! There is medicine and enough canned food to sustain the Reich for a hundred years! And enough weapons for us to wipe the freaks and genetically impure from the face of the Earth!"

"But D6 has been seized and occupied by Sparta. Corrupt Hansa and the greedy Reds are also baring their poisoned fangs, to strike and steal what's rightfully yours! But we will never let the have it! Hail Reich!"

"We must prepare for a great war, the final war, and it will end with the triumph of our race! The mailed fists of the legions of Reich will challenge our enemies! And if the jackals will not surrender D6, we will take it by force! Hail Reich!"

If you follow Pavel closely as he tells you, the Führer will not have time to complete his speech and only the first part of it will be said ["Reich! Fortune had..."]. As you cross a certain barrier the soldier carrying the news from the jailbreak will show up and the chase will begin.

"Get these swine!" - this is is said as the chase for Pavel and Artyom begins, it can only be presumed it is him that says this, since after Pavel fires his pistol the Führer will crawl under his microphone stand, therefore can't be seen.

"... a well thought-out proposal made by Polis, regarding fair distribution of the wealth found in the Vault, has resolved our differences. I therefore have ordered Operation El Dorado shut down. Hail Reich!" - this can be heard through the loudspeaker in Polis.

"But you are the leader, order him...!" - addressing Moskvin

"What kind of... ...spineless worm!" - ditto

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