Metro 2033 icon v1 by kamizanon-d48tkwj

Value 20Game points
Description Find the truth
Metro 2033 Achievement

Enlightened is a hidden achievement in Metro 2033 and regular achievement/hidden trophy in Metro 2033 Redux, awarded for sparing the Dark Ones at the end of the game in the non-canonical enlightened ending. To receive this ending, the player must accrue enough positive moral points for Artyom to awaken from his dream sequence in time to stop the missiles from destroying Botanicheskiy Sad. Once he has awoken, a Dark One will tell him, "We want peace." Another will be reaching for the missile guidance system - shoot the device to stop the missiles, saving the Dark Ones.

Value: Gold Trophy - 50Game points
Description: Find the truth
Metro 2033 Redux Achievement/Trophy


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