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Dark Water
Metro Star Metro Wiki has a video walkthrough for this level, Dark Water. See Dark Water/Walkthrough.

The snow on the surface starts melting...The familiar railcars are now joined with boats...and fishermen. One of them appeared just in the nick of time. Soon we'll be docked in Venice. Pavel is most probably already there.

— Level description

Dark Waters is the fifteenth mission in Metro: Last Light.

Diary EntriesEdit

21. As soon as you start the chapter it’s on the boat right in front of you.

Moral PointsEdit


  • One is earned at the end of the level after escaping the Shrimps.


  • After a box of grenades are thrown to group of Shrimps, the fisherman may vanish. The player will no longer see him but the dialog will continue as usual.
  • After a box of grenades are thrown to a group of Shrimps, it is possible that the wave of water will force you to fall through the world.

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