Daniil Olegovich Dobrynin
Daniła Dobrynin
Physical Information




  • VSS Vintorez
  • PMK-3 gas mask
  • OP-1 Combined Arms Protective Suit (first book)
  • Demron suit (second book)
  • Unikom powered exoskeleton (third book)
  • MPL-50
  • Backpack





Biographical Information




  • Mikhail Ivanovich Dobrynin (grandfather)
  • Svetlana Dobrynina (mother)
  • Oleg Mikhailovich Dobrynin (father)
  • Irina (older wife)

Home station:

Chronological and Political Information

Notable facts:

Primary protagonist of Shabalov's trilogy (The Right to Use Force, The Right to Life)


  • Shelter in Serdobsk (first book)
  • Caravan of the Brotherhood (second book)

Metro Star

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Danila, his full name being Daniil Olegovich Dobrynin (Russian: Даниил Олегович Добрынин), is a 21 year old stalker from Serdobsk and the protagonist of novels The Right to Use Force and The Right to Life.


He was born in 2013 with a mutated biology, which makes him infertile and bald, but also gives him certain physical benefits such as slightly increased strength and naturally good physical fitness. His father Oleg died from radiation sickness before he was born, whereas his mother Svetlana followed in his footsteps - dying a few months after childbirth.

Danila was raised by his grandfather Mikhail Ivanovich, whom Danila loved very much and treated as his father figure. Danila's best friend and brother-in-arms always ventured onto the surface with him; called Aleksandr Popovich (or just "Sasha"), he was only 2 years younger. Danila and Sasha grew up together, and Sasha's mother also helped Mikhail raise him, becoming his mother figure.

Danila and Sasha, along with Aryan, Lokator, Duma, the Tandem brothers, Lemon Joe, Shrek (all nicknames) and others make up some of the Serdobsk shelter's elite cadre of stalkers, with Danila and Sasha being arguably the best of them all.

Each and all of these young men were harshly but effectively trained by Sergey Petrovich Rodionov (a former Spetsnaz GRU colonel and leader of their underground society) to achieve exceptional combat effectiveness and maintain peak physical ability in order to survive the harsh conditions of the irradiated surface of the Earth.


  • A visual representation of Danila's face was first revealed on the original cover of The Right to Life, published in March of 2013. However, his face was redesigned to appear younger and more determined by Ilya Yatskevich for the August 2016 Polish translation of the novel. The scars on the left side of his face were also enhanced to be more visible and match his description in the books.


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