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DJ Artyom
Ach-DJ Artyom
Value 30Game points
Description On the level 'Outpost' reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message
Metro 2033 Achievement

DJ Artyom is an achievement/trophy in Metro 2033 and Metro 2033 Redux, awarded to the player for broadcasting the pre-recorded message from Maxim Komarov and the Children of the Underground at the tape recorder in the level Outpost. The tape can be acquired after the player tries to defend Hole Station from the hordes of mutants. During the evacuation, Komarov will hand over the tape to the player on the level Defense. The recorder is found on top of the Nazi occupied ruined building in the level Outpost. The player must climb to the roof and play the message. Upon completion the player will receive the achievement/trophy and will be awarded two positive moral points, one for taking the tape from Komarov and another one for playing the message. If the player stays on the roof after playing the message two demons will appear and attack the player.

DJ Artyom
Value: Bronze Trophy - 30Game points
Description: On the level OUTPOST reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message
Metro 2033 Redux Achievement/Trophy


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