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 D6 has other uses. Please see D6 (Disambiguation) for other meanings. 

Chapter: 6 "D6"
Prev: Caves
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Game: Metro 2033
Metro Star Metro Wiki has a video walkthrough for this level, D6 (Metro 2033 Level). See D6 (Metro 2033 Level)/Walkthrough.

We were close to D6 now. It was hard to believe that we'd found the legendary Command Center. But, was it worth so many lives? Soon, we'd know the answer...

— Level description

D6 is a long action level in the later part of the video game Metro 2033, where Artyom and the Rangers find their goal, and finally have a chance to strike back against the dark ones.


After losing two comrades, Artyom and the remaining Rangers venture into the main D6 facility through a perfectly preserved Automatic Train. After it is found that the complex has toxic air, Miller and Artyom split off and make the complex operational, and eventually destroy a horrible mutant in the depths of the facility, while Ulman and Vladimir wait behind in the operations room.


  • In the control room there is a keyboard with what looks to be a broken screen. The player can activate the keyboard to turn on a turret comprised of four mounted DhSKs upside down. The automated turret can only move up and down and has working lights, but because it has no ammo in it, it only works as a moving light. It is possible to climb down to where the gun is located. The gun will then continue to track you on the level above it.
  • On the right side of the control room (where Vladimir and Ulman will stay), there is a cabinet with many supplies, don't miss it.
  • When Miller pries open a subway car door with his knife, he doesn't take the knife out of his holster, simply using the holstered knife to open it.
  • After prying the gate open with the electronic cart, move left. There is a rifle and a box with books about evolution, history of Germany and an english-russian dictionary.
  • In Metro: Last Light an NPC will mention that the government bunkers (probably referring to D6) were no use to the government since they could not reach it in time, although there are traces of fighting in D6 in Metro 2033.


  • The player can actually walk on the railings, allowing them to reach odd collision geometry in otherwise inaccessible areas.


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