Corpse Eaters
Corpse Eater
General information


  • Grey and saggy body.
  • Distinctive call.


Derived from:



Corpse Eaters are a species of mutant that make an appearance in Metro 2034.


Corpse Eaters are described as having grey, saggy skin and insect-like eyes. Their diet (as is obviously made by their name), consists of corpses of any variety- including even those of their own species. They are a non-agressive species, and exist solely as scavengers. Their main form of communication are strange howling sounds.

Metro 2034Edit

The Corpse Eaters are encountered by Hunter and Homer in an abandoned station. As one of the corpse eaters howls, the others begin to move away from Hunter and Homer. Hunter shoots one of the Corpse Eaters and as they leave they watch the other Corpse Eaters move in to eat the fresh corpse of the Corpse Eater killed by Hunter.


Corpse Eaters make an appearance in the Metro 2033 Board Game as one of the mutant threat cards even though they are not a significant threat to humans.


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