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Contagion (Through fire)
Metro Star Metro Wiki has a video walkthrough for this level, Contagion. See Contagion/Walkthrough.

All the roads lead to Oktyabrskaya. The Dark One is there. Anna is there now, too. In the hands of my enemies. The hands of the traitor, Lesnitsky.

— Level description

Contagion is the twentieth level in Metro: Last Light where Artyom must navigate through the burning ruins of Oktyabrskaya in order to save Anna.


In this level the player must navigate the burning ruins of the Oktyabrskaya station.

Diary EntriesEdit

26. After they start burning everything you will come to an area where you have to head up to the second floor so you can drop down behind a locked gate, the note Is at the end of the train car on the desk.

Moral PointsEdit


  • Deal with the two Red Line soldiers executing citizens at the beginning, before the shot man dies.
  • Listen to the shot man's explanation and confusion over the Red's attack.
  • In the room to the left of the railcar where the enemy loading boxes is coming and going, there is a hole in the back wall that leads to an abandoned tunnel. The hole is partially blocked but you can move left and out into the tunnel. Head straight across from the hole to the green light on the opposite wall and turn right, at the water line is an ammo cache. Open it.
  • Listen and watch the full execution of the wounded Red soldier who contracted the "disease."
  • Towards the end of the second floor of the train, in a room with a sewing machine and a picture of a dog (this room is adjacent to the room with the safe), when you pick up the military-grade ammo from the shelf you get a moral point.
  • After hearing Lesnitsky speaking with another soldier and going through the shaft, you will be in a room where some plants are growing. Go up the stairs, and there will be a Red Line officer going over dead citizens of the station. Listen to what he says to gain a moral point.
  • Completing the level without killing anyone (you will receive the moral point upon entering the red door leading to Lesnitsky)
  • Remove your mask when Lesnitsky has his knife at Anna's throat, before he counts to five.


  • Attacking Lesnitsky, when he has his knife at Anna's throat.


  • There's a locked safe upstairs toward the end of the level where the last two Reds are behind a locked gate.  The corresponding key can be found in the lower level, on a shelf in a small room adjacent to the iron gate.  The safe contains a filter and some regular ammunition.


MLL Savior Ach Savior Silver Trophy - 20 Game points
Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it

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