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Chukotski, or Chook, is the creator of the Combat Simulator in the Metro: Last Light DLC, the Tower Pack, and guides the player through The Tower.


The player, as The Captain, first meets Chukotski inside the science labs of D6. Introducing himself as 'Chook', and his assistant, Anastasi, as Geek, he tells the player he has created a combat simulator for training Rangers, but needs to test it - the Captain, being injured and unable to partake in Ranger operations, is their test-dummy.

Chook actually gives the Captain very little advice on how to defeat The Tower, saying that its ease of use needs to be tested - as such, he only speaks to the Captain in the hub of The Tower, or at the end of levels. Usually, he is just telling the player of a new weapon, or what the next mission entails, but occasionally, you hear him talking to Geek about the simulator, events and previous experiments.

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