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Boris M2033
Borys (M33R)
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2033, on the way to D6 killed by albino nosalis

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- Shit!

- Watch your language Soldier!

- It's not language, it's shit, literally, I stepped in it!

— Boris & Miller banter

Boris (Russian: Борис) was one of the Rangers who accompanies Artyom through the path to D6.


Boris was first encountered at Sparta, he and the remaining Rangers left Sparta to head to D6 with Artyom and Miller. He and Stepan appeared to be best friends, as they were always fighting side by side.

When Boris died (he is killed by a Nosalis, just before the group entered the facility on the level Dungeon), Stepan ran to his side and yelled "Boris! My Friend! Why?... The Bastards! Boris I swear on your memory - they won't rest while I'm still alive!" It is revealed Stepan never made it back either, indicating he too fell to the Nosalis hordes.


Boris appeared on the following levels:


  • Boris cannot be saved, as his death is strictly scripted and the albino Nosalis that kills him is invincible until Stepan kills it.
  • Boris' Scoped VSV can be picked up after he is killed.
  • Boris is one of the few people seen wearing his hood.
  • Boris is also the name of the caravan leader from Exhibition, from the level Chase, but Boris is a fairly common Russian name.
  • Boris' eyeglasses disappear while he is wearing his helmet.
  • Boris is the driver of the Rangers' armored and steam-powered railcar.
  • His eyes still blink after his death. While this bug is very common in video games it could also mean he is bleeding to death or close to death, and the rangers knew they couldn't save their fallen comrade.
  • Boris' death is far more dramatic in Metro 2033 Redux; a Nosalis grabs him by the foot and drags him under a partly-opened blast door, and he detonates a Grenade in his hands to take the Nosalis down with him. Consequently, the above-mentioned eye blinking after his death no longer occurs, and his face is instead burned and disfigured from the explosion. Stepan symbolically lowers his visor over his face after mourning him.