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Back to the Past
MLL BacktothePast Ach
Value: Bronze Trophy - 20Game points
Description: See all Visions in the Dead City.
Metro Last Light Achievement/Trophy

Back to the Past is an achievement/trophy found in Metro Last Light that is awarded to who see all flashbacks in the level, The Dead City. The black ghosts do not have to be seen, only the coloured flashbacks.  They have to be completed in one playthrough, but you can use level select to do this. The achievement/trophy should unlock after seeing the last flashback in the subway, and hearing the foghorn-like noise. Below is a video guide if you are having trouble finding them all. 


(27) Metro Last Light (Shadow Ranger Hardcore Walkthrough) Dead city (City of phantoms)-023:56

(27) Metro Last Light (Shadow Ranger Hardcore Walkthrough) Dead city (City of phantoms)-0


Only three flashbacks are actually optional: The piano, the shower and the child. The rest are seen as you progress through the level. Each of these is marked with a specific time on the video to the right.

  • Playground flashback (05:43)
  • The piano flashback (09:33)
  • Car accident flashback (11:53)
  • Lady in the shower flashback (14:01)
  • Missiles flashback (15:20)
  • Child flashback (20:12)
  • Subway crossing flashback (21:39)

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