Exodus - Aurora

The Aurora as seen in the first trailer

Exodus - Aurora jeszcze raz

The train in all its glory

The Aurora is the heavily modified steam locomotive that Artyom and Anna board to find a new place to live at far to the East in Metro Exodus. It most likely travels using the Trans-Siberian Railway. The ranger couple probably utilise a crew of Spartans from the Order to keep the locomotive running and secure from outdoor hazards - such as mutants and harsh environmental conditions. The entire train appears to consist of 4 units, with the Aurora as the locomotive, a large modified passenger car that appears to be used for storage and living quarters, another steam locomotive in non-operating condition possibly used for additional storage or spare parts, and a flatcar holding more equipment, including a long pole-like device.


  • Aurora is also the name of Russian protected cruiser. A shot from her forecastle gun was a sign to start a Bolshevik's revolution in 7th November 1917.
  • The Aurora is a "duplex" locomotive, with two sets of driving wheels in what appears to be a 2-8-8-6 configuration, which means a forward pilot truck with two wheels, two sets of driving wheels with eight wheels each, and a trailing truck with six wheels. In Russian configuration, this would be a 1-4-4-3, though there is no known Russian locomotive with this configuration.