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Artyom Popov
Physical Information



Biographical Information


Likely to have died at Tulskaya, but his body is never discovered


M.I.A. (most likely dead)

Home station:

Tulskaya Station (where he was stationed as a soldier)

Chronological and Political Information

Notable facts:

One of the Metro 2034 protagonists


Metro Star

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Artyom Popov (Russian: Артём Попов) is one of the four main characters in Metro 2034 - alongside Homer, Sasha, and Hunter. Since the book's plot is presented through the contrasting perspectives of various personas, one half of the narrative is focused on the aforementioned trio whereas the other half follows Popov. Artyom is not as primary a character to the story as Homer or Sasha are. In 2034, he is a soldier stationed as part of the garrison at Tula station.

During the events that transpire at Tulskaya, Popov follows his commander's orders to control the spread of the plague through drastic measures by opening fire on the infected population. What happened next most likely lead to Artyom's death at the scene as the station was eventually flooded, however his exact status is unknown. He has not appeared in any media from the Metro Series ever since.


  • Due to Popov having the same first name as Artyom Alekseyevich (the protagonist of Metro 2033, Metro 2035, and both games), the two are often mistakenly thought of as being the same person - especially by new fans of the series who have not read the second instalment in Glukhovsky's post-apocalyptic trilogy.
  • He has a wife called Galya.

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