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MLL Ranger Arseniy
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Well genius if they thought it was a diaper storage facility they'd leave it alone

Arseniy is a Ranger and a minor character appearing in Metro Last Light 


He is Briefly seen at the start of the game and is part of the ranger squads congregating outside of the D6 Control room waiting for the general assembly from Miller . Arseniy is unique in his appearance, as he seen wearing the rangers green jumpsuit uniform, rarely seen on rangers throughout the game. This green uniform may indicate rank, however it is unknown at this time. 

Arseniy is seen playing cards outside the D6 Control room and talks about the prospect of war with the Red Line . He states the reds have up to 15000 people at their command, to which another ranger responds that five reds are worth one Ranger.

It is possible that Arseniy is seen again later in the game. At the Church base a ranger with the same face model and green uniform is seen eating canned food waiting for the Stalker team to reach the church. 


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