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Ammo arrow

A quiver full of Helsing arrows

Arrows are large steel needles made inside the Metro for use in makeshift weaponry, primarily the Helsing.



HUD Icon

Helsing bolts are rare and very expensive; one Helsing bolt from a weapons vender costs seven MGR to buy, while selling one will lose you 6 MGR as they will only pay one MGR per bolt. However they dish out enormous damage, only taking one bolt to dispense of any human foe and many mutants when fully pressurized. You can avoid buying many bolts as they are retrievable, but a few will likely have to be purchased since few are found in the Metro.

In Metro 2033, the arrows see much more frequent use as Helsings can be found earlier and more frequently. In Metro Last Light, however, the weapon is much less common, so arrows are utilized less. The one advantage Last Light arrows seem to have is that they have a distinct fluorescent orange tip, making them easy to spot in the dark Metro tunnels.


Metro2033 2014-05-01 17-50-24-95

Arrows are able to stick to walls to be retrieved

Metro 2033:

Metro Last Light:

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The HUD icon for arrows have barbs, but the in-game model do not, possibly to make them easier to retrieve from bodies.
  • Although they can be retrieved, the player should not count on this, as they can be lost if they are fired into scenery or if they hit ammunition pouches that fall off the body. One should always carry more than they need.
  • 109 is the max amount of arrows one can carry in Metro 2033
  • In Metro Last Light (normal difficulty), one can carry a maximum of 32 arrows.
  • In Metro Last Light, the in-game name is 'Bolts'.

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