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Chapter: 3 "Khan"
Prev: Ghosts
Next: Cursed
Game: Metro 2033

Reach Cursed Station with Khan.

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Khan was an unusual man... but I suppose he was a man of his time, moving between dark and light, searching for answers buried in the rubble.

— Level description

Anomaly is a short level which acts as the third part of Chapter 3. It is in this level that the player is formally introduced to the second kind of common supernatural phenomenon found in the Metro.

Overview Edit

Continuing along the path to Cursed Station, Artyom is escorted by Khan, who shows him how to survive the multiple phenomena of the metro. Anomaly is a fairly short mission taking place along a single metro tunnel spanning some 200 meters. Despite this, however, there is significant danger lurking in the darkness and the light.

After several short seconds of travelling along the rusted rails, Khan instructs Artyom to remain still. Emerging from the black world in front of their eyes approaches the light of an anomaly, a semi-physical entity of distorted electricity. Despite the oncoming doom Khan continues to tell Artyom to remain still. As the anomaly reaches Khan and Artyom it halts, and as if not wishing to destroy a non-hostile force the anomaly turns away. After which Khan explains to Artyom that it is his belief that the anomalies are not evil entities, but simply natural forces, and that such things are only too easy to be subjects of opinion and perspective.

Crossing the median between the rails does not bring safety to the duo, however, as a pack of nosalises soon makes their presence known and begin an approach. The combat is almost purely cinematic as Khan can usually kill all the attacking "Snouts" on practically all difficulties. As the horde increases in number and in pressure, familiar sparkles appear near Khan and Artyom. Once again remaining still the anomaly bursts into view and promptly mows down the charging nosalises.

The "live demonstration" having been concluded, Artyom and Khan proceed to a nearby railcar. Next stop, Cursed Station.



Related AchievementsEdit

Ach-Exorcist Exorcist 20 Game points
Complete levels "Ghosts" and "Anomaly" without dying.