"Well, what are you waiting for? Come along, Rabbit"

- Anna to Artyom when they first meet.

"In the past, trains were ordinary things. But now, this monorail seems magic, doesn't it? Our kids won't know how to operate these things... and their kids will probably think this was built by the gods."

- Anna to Artyom while riding a train

"Right... you ready? Let's move."

- Anna to Artyom after leaving the train

"Great. You did fine after all."

- Anna to Artyom after he pulled the lever to open a door to the surface

"Go right, there's a dead end on the left"

- Anna to Artyom after he opened a door for her

"Something alarmed them! Stay sharp."

- Anna to Artyom while exploring a tunnel

"Shit! That thing's fast!"

- Anna to Artyom after spotting a lurker

"You got reflexes, I'll give you that."

- Anna complementing Artyom (Should the player kill the lurker in the tunnel)

"Great... the ladder. It's just a little more walking - then we'll see if you're rabbit or man."

Anna to Artyom before climbing a ladder to the surface

"Surface... Put your mask on."

- Anna telling Artyom to put his mask on

"Quit looking at my ass - it's way out of your reach, rabbit."

- Anna to Artyom (Should the player look at her while climbing the ladder)

"I have a feeling that all this is going to end soon, we won't survive this war Artyom... no one will. I feel alone again, like when I was a girl and father was out on a mission. Nothing around me, like I was a spark from the fire, flickering and then gone. It's hard for me to tell you all this Artyom but I want to feel that I am alive."

- Anna to Artyom while in quarantine.

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