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The assistant to Chukotski, the creator of the Combat Simulator


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Anastasi, or Geek, is an assistant to Chukotski and the co-creator of the Combat Simulator that the Captain tests in the Metro: Last Light DLC, Tower Pack. He is around 25 years of age.


Anastasi appears to be the computer technician to the Combat Simulator. He is only ever seen on his computer beside the machine, and is most likely the one who programs the levels that the Captain must navigate. He rarely speaks, preferring to remain with his computer and leave the talking to Chukotski, showing exactly why he is called Geek.

The only time he is ever heard is when he is talking to Chukotski, usually discussing the Simulator. He appears to be very confident in his machine and himself, even claiming he is never wrong (though Chukotski immediately rebukes this by reminding Anastasi of the time he claimed a test would take 5 minutes, when it actually took 50), though his words do hold some merit, as the simulator he has created is a massive feat of computer engineering, especially considering his post-apocalyptic resources and conditions.

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