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Alex M2033
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Alex, also known as Sukhoi (Russian: Сухой, literally translates as "dry") in the novel, is Artyom's adoptive father and mentor. He is one of the authorities in Exhibition.


Alex is responsible for saving Artyom during the nuclear war, as stated in the game; "I was just a boy when they saved me". In the novel, however, while Artyom is still a baby, his mother hands him over to Sukhoi while their homestation is being attacked by a horde of rats. Sukhoi and some others manage to escape via railcar, but everyone still in the station was killed. Despite this, Artyom does not refer to Alex/Sukhoi as "father" but as "uncle". In the novel Sukhoi is not married or in any relationship, to which Artyom considers him "the old metro wolf". It may be because of this that he is depicted as getting nervous upon seeing a mother and a child, since he never got married or had kids himself. Instead he wanted himself to be a good father figure for Artyom, who he thought should have the future he could never have and instead. At the end of the novel, Sukhoi was in charge of the survivors at VDNKh.


Metro 2033Edit

Alex only makes a few brief appearances in the game; Artyom fights alongside him and Hunter against a horde of nosalises at the gates of Exhibition Station, and there is an optional encounter in his office before Artyom leaves the station, nearing the end of the level Exhibition; talking to him the second time before leaving Exhibition awards positive morality points. He is protective of Artyom and is unhappy with Artyom leaving Exhibition to go to Riga. As one of the leaders of Exhibition, it is his responsibility to ensure that the station survives. How he came to be one of these authorities is unknown, but it is generally implied that he was elected as he is popular among most of Exhibition's citizens.


  • Alex's face was modeled after Anatoliy Koba, 4A Games employee.
  • Alex (Sukhoi) may have well been in the Russian military or in the rangers himself, considering his friendship with Hunter.
  • It appears in the novel Sukhoi hates marijuana and has yelled at Artyom never to do it, in his words "it will rot your brain". In the metro, weed is legal and easy to get at certain stations, though apparently the idea that it is an abusive substance still stands, even in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • In Metro 2033 Redux, one of Artyom's diary entries refer to Alex as Sukhoi, even though he is still called Alex in-game. This is most likely a translation oversight, as the diary entries are borrowed from the novel.


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