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7.62x54mm are powerful sniper rifle rounds found in small quantities in the Metro. It appears they are impossible to make inside the Metro, so are in high demand, second only to the 12.7x108mm round. They have very high damage output and range, capable of killing unarmoured enemies in one shot, and deal a good amount of damage to stronger enemies. The 7.62x54mm is not seen in the beginning of the game, but after you leave Venice, a 5 round stripper clip of 7.62x54mm rounds can be occasionally be found. If you do not need to use Valve, you can trade them for MGRs. Artyom can carry up to 30 7.62x54mm rounds.


Metro: Last Light:


  • The 7.62x54mm is still common in Russia today, used by Sniper rifles and GPMGs. This type of ammunition is also the oldest military cartridge in existence, being used before WWI and until now, as of the year 2034, the rounds has reached 141 years of service.
  • Interestingly, if you take a look at the 7.62x54mm sold in ammunition traders, these rounds are not pointed (rounded and not sharp), in fact they are the earliest varient of 7.62x54mm, developed before the U.S.S.R. is formed, its not until the later modifications that the bullet is sharpened.
  • The 7.62x54mm is rare to find in the game, a little more common than 12.7x108mm, but there is no point saving it if the player does not plan to use Valve. Some vendors sell the 7.62x54mm if Artyom needs more.

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