1905 Confederation
1905Goda Fac Image
Leadership information

Base Location:

Uliza 1905 Goda

Diplomatic information




Geographical Information

Moscow Half:




Political information

Owning Party:

1905 Confederation

Lore information

Real-World Counterpart:

  • Barrikadnaya
  • Uliza 1905 Goda
  • Begovaya

In Metro 2033, the 1905 Confederation is an (assumed) left ideological confederation that fully controls the Barrikadnaya, Ulitsa 1905 goda, and Begovaya stations. The next 2 stations in that line are abandoned and cut off from Begovaya for unknown reasons. Very little is known about the faction that extends this, though its proximity to Hanza would suggest that the two are allies or at least not hostile to each other.

Metro Last LightEdit

Although never mentioned in Last Light, Miller's map at D6 shows that the Fourth Reich has taken over at least one of the 1905 Confederation's stations, which happens to be connected to Hanza.

Metro map d6

Station to the left of the Reich's main stations no longer under 1905 control

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