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12x70 Buckshot Shotgun shells are makeshift shotgun shells containing buckshot.


Buckshot ammo is usually found in collections of shells on the bodies of most dead Metro dwellers, especially Communists and Nazis, and in their weapons. In early chapters of Metro 2033 shells can also be found on dead Bandits. Buckshot can first be bought at the Riga kiosk in 2033. 1 MGR buys 2 Rounds whilst 4 Shells will buy 1 MGR. In Metro 2033, the 12x70mm Buckshot are red shells, but in Metro: Last Light and Redux version they are blue, suggesting possible different types of 12 Gauge shells, the buckshot seems to be homemade as stated in the description, but still capable of doing the job. The shells have short effective range but high stopping power, optimal for combating most types of mutants at close, but capable of killing even heavily armored enemies at close range. With the extended barrel attachment for shotguns, they are more useful at medium range but are still inferior at long range. You can carry up to 120 shells in reserve in Last Light, this applies to Dragon breath rounds.  In Last Light's Ranger Hardcore mode, you can carry a maximum of 56 shells only, furthermore, each pickup gives you a minimum number of shells.


The Faction Pack DLC mission Kshatriya adds a new variant of shell, "Dragonbreath", replacing the normal shells - the 12x70 Dragonbreath shells are special shotgun rounds that are incendiary. They have the same appearance as the normal buckshot in Metro 2033 - red shells (though they appear blue when loaded in the Shambler). They offer increased damage output, as well as a chance to ignite an enemy, resulting in even more damage over time, Like the Last Light version of MGR. However, the incendiary feature does reduce the effective range of the shotgun considerably, even with the extended barrel attachment. But given the close quarters fighting found in Kshatriya they are very effective against NosalisesWatchmen, and even Librarians - making a single shell hit easily take down a watchman, and three or four are sometimes enough for a Librarian. Their power means that even the weak starting weapon - the Ashot - becomes very powerful, easily capable of killing Nosalis hordes. The rounds become even more effective if the Duplet or Shambler is purchased later in the mission. The Dragonbreath Shotgun shell is slightly more expensive than normal 12 Gauge shells, but the players start with some Dragonbreath shells that can be used with Ashot.


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