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Ammo 44cal

The .44 Magnum rounds are large calibre pistol rounds with a high stopping power, and are very useful in the close-quarters fighting of the post-apocalyptic Metro.


.44 Magnum is one of the first kinds of ammunition available from exchange kiosks at the beginning of both games. One MGR will allow the player to purchase three .44 Magnum rounds (half a full cylinder) and when selling .44 Magnum rounds it takes six rounds to be exchanged into one MGR. Magnum rounds can be found from the very beginning of the game in a wide variety of places. Always keep an eye out for this kind of ammo and search the bodies of fallen metro dwellers' belts and backpacks. In 2033 you will have to search thoroughly to get the ammo, in Last Light its simplified and the player should not miss Magnum ammo while searching bodies. One belt can give player 1, 3 or 6 rounds, depends on the difficulty you are playing.

Judging by the large amount of white smoke produced whenever you fire one, far more than with smokeless powder, these shells appear to use some kind of black powder so they may not be true.44 magnum rounds. In fact, the summary for the rounds when you buy them from vendors outright say that they are made in the Metro. This raises the question about just why this ammunition, which was not common in Russia before the War, became more commonly used than standard Russian bullets such as 9x18mm Makarov and 7.62x25mm Tokarev, and just how they make so much of it. The best explanation for the wide usage is that the large case capacity of the .44 caliber cartridge allows poor quality homemade gunpowder to be used in the cartridge while still maintaining good stopping power due to the large and heavy .44 caliber bullet.

They return in Metro: Last Light with similar stats and usage, although the extra pistol available means they are more useful. 

While the player in the original Metro 2033 can carry infinite amount of ammo, in Last Light and 2033/Last Light Redux you can carry up to 90 .44 Magnum rounds.

AP IncendiaryEdit

The Faction Pack DLC mission Kshatriya adds a new variant of .44 Magnum round, .44 Magnum AP-Incendiary, replacing the normal rounds. These are special .44 Magnum rounds that have both incendiary and armor-piercing feature. Like the MGR, they have a chance to ignite an enemy, causing extra damage over time, but are actually weaker than .44 Magnum rounds in terms of shot damage. The best use for them is against armored targets, or tough mutant like the Demon and Librarians, but since there is only one Demon and the Librarians can be easily avoided they are not the most useful ammunition in the mission. They are still powerful however, capable of taking out Nosalis in a few shots, but are still inferior to regular .44 Magnum. In Kshatriya, only the Revolver and Lolife can use them - the Revolver gives them more damage, but the Lolife is more versatile with all the different attachments.


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  • It is the first ammunition type that can be used in the game as Artyom starts out with 18 cartridges for his revolver during the Prologue level.
  • .44 Magnum  is one of the best ammunition types to have in the Ranger Mode difficuties of Metro 2033 as most upper torso or head shots will kill most enemy types even if the enemy is heavily armored, with obvious exception to demons and librarians.
  • If one looks very closely, when Artyom reloads the Revolver he uses a rolled up bandolier strip (the kind the ammo type is picked up in) and pushes it into the cylinder.
  • In Metro 2033, all revolvers have 6 .44 Magnum rounds on casual and normal, in hardcore it only has one. In Last Light, on normal the player only get 3 rounds.
  • Its possible that .44 Magnum ammunition is actually black powder, being much easier to manufacture than modern smokeless powder in the metro's primitive conditions. It could possibly be hand loaded and copied .44 S&W Russian ammunition used in the S&W Model 3 made for the Russian military prior to WWI.
  • .44 Magnum is not common in Russia, at least not in military use; the most used pistol rounds should actually be 9x18mm Makarov or 7N21/7N31 9X19mm Parabellum. The famous 7.62x25 Tokarev rounds are still being used but in smaller numbers, due to the weapons that use it are being phased out of military service. There are some modern weapons that has 7.62x25mm variant, like PP-19 Bizon.